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ATV starter Industrial starter

Keep your heavy equipment starting smoothly

We repair starters for all makes and models

Heavy equipment repairs

From professional M J Auto Electric!

From heavy construction equipment to farm machinery, we have the 35 years of experience you need to ensure your equipment runs its best. We work on all makes and model and always offer the highest quality workmanship. We repair even the most damaged starters and will replace those that are beyond repair.

Don't miss a day of work for faulty or broken equipment

Whether you own your own construction company or rely on your farming equipment for livelihood, never miss another day of work because your equipment won't start. We get your machinery repaired quickly so you can get back to work before ever losing pay!

Professional starter repair for heavy equipment:

  • Industrial Starters

  • Bulldozers

  • Fix and repair starters

  • Heavy Duty Trucks

  • Construction Equipment

  • Buses

  • Agricultural Equipment

  • Farming Equipment

  • Snow Plows

Don't break your budget for your heavy machinery repairs. We offer affordable and competitive starter repair services and the highest quality parts for a price you can afford to spend.

We offer FREE delivery services for all our heavy duty parts and equipment.

Call: 414-462-8911



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